What To Wear During The Summer Heatwave Of 2023

As the temperature rises across central Europe, many people find wearing clothes unbearable. People are wearing little to nothing however, that doesn’t seem to cut it.

There is much more than summer fashion during summer, especially heatwaves. It is also about the colour and material you wear during these scorching hot times.

If you are somebody who doesn’t know how to dress in summer, you have come to the right place. We will take you through the best materials, colours and clothes to wear during this mega heatwave that most of Europe is experiencing.

Wear The Most Appropriate Fabrics

If you want to keep your body cool during summer, you must wear the correct fabrics. These fabrics are specially designed to be lightweight and keep you cool which is exactly what you need during summer.

The last thing you want to wear during summer is heavyweight cotton or synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon. With more affordable garments, you will notice a lot of brands will use these types of items such as t-shirts, hoodies or even full tracksuits. However, many people wear these materials during summer and then complain about being too warm.

For more suitable materials, we advise you to wear garments that are 100% cotton as it is a natural fibre. It makes sure that your body gets enough airflow and keeps you cool when you feel a breeze.

Linen is another great material to wear during summer and is a personal favourite for us. Again, another natural material is loosely woven so it absorbs moisture quickly and is breathable.

Relaxed Or Oversized Clothing

If you want to ensure you are cool in summer, don’t wear clothes that are tight-fitted. Instead, wear loosely fitted garments as these are perfect for summer. Although you might want to wear your muscle-fit t-shirt with a pair of shorts, opt for a more relaxed fitted tee and wear it as a men’s twin set.

Wear Summer-Friendly Colours

Wearing appropriate summer clothes is the first step in your summer wardrobe however people often wear the incorrect colours. The colours that you need to avoid dark colours that will absorb the heat a lot more. Wear lighter colours such as pastels because they will reflect some of the heat away unlike black.

Pastel blue, pale pinks, yellow, and light grey are all colours you can wear during summer. However, you must be aware that these colours will show sweat patches during summer.

To Conclude

There are many materials that you need to avoid during the summer months. Denim is one of those materials that you can’t wear because it is too thick and isn’t breathable. Opt for linen shirts and cotton shorts for the ultimate summer outfit to keep you cool during summer. Then to complete your outfit, choose a casual white tennis shoe or opt for something more streetwear such as a pair of Nike Blazers or Dunks.

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