Men Fashion

Where Does Men’s Fashion Go From Here?

At the helm of Balenciaga, Demna is no stranger to courting controversy. Until last week, though, most of the controversy was related to his postmodern habit of flipping emblems of unconscious consumerism—trash bags, Crocs—into expensive luxury items. (Casual observers might

K-Pop Celebrities Are Taking Over Fashion Week

With the global rise of K-pop, the fashion industry has been tapping more South Korean musicians as brand ambassadors, shooting campaigns with them and inviting them to seasonal presentations. The Fall/Winter 2023 edition of Fashion Month has seen a significant

The women who dress men

Women are increasingly making their mark in men’s fashion, breaking through the “fabric ceiling” that has seen the industry dominated by men, and attracted by a sector where some of the most radical changes are taking place.

Fashion has long

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