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Men’s Festival Fashion Trends 2022: What Do Guys Wear to a Music Fest?

The long-awaited, proper return of summer festival season is building like the far-off speakers– and when you finally get back to your favorite one, you’ll hopefully be rocking some of the best men’s fashion festival trends of 2022.

We got a sneak peek of the top 2022 festival fashion trends for men within the sunny confines of Coachella this past April, but with each weekend, more festivals return—with more chances to go bigger, better and bolder with your menswear looks.

Sure, some festivals returned last fall, but summer is the best time to show off expressive fashion trends alenty—styles that have made their way from the runway to your wardrobe, no less. To upgrade you to headliner-worthy status, check out our picks for the best 2022 festival men’s fashion trends, from statement shades to workwear and more.

Mesh tops take staying cool to the max at summer festivals, and they

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Racetrack Threads: Men’s Fashion Guide

Welcome to another racing season. Whether you’re a hard-core handicapper, a casual fan, or simply looking to make the most of a sun-drenched Saturday, a day at the racetrack is the great equalizer of sports. A summer lineup of horse races at a host of amazing venues across the country is an enticing prospect, no matter your experience with the sport.

Leading up to race day, a guy has a lot on his mind. What horse am I going to bet on? Should I take an Uber so I can partake in the track’s signature drink? and of course, what am I going to wear?

Before you panic-buy an outfit and all the fashion accessories, let’s take a step back and consider the context.

What’s the Vibe of the Venue?

There’s a lot to take into account when you’re heading to the races, the first of which is understanding the

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Blokecore: The men’s fashion trend throwing it back to Britpop’s heyday

Blokecore is essentially ‘dress like you’re a football hooligan from 1997, but make it fashion’ (Picture: Getty Images)

While you may call some men lads or boys, it takes a certain type to earn the moniker of ‘bloke’.

The colloquial term doesn’t have an exact definition, but it conjures images of a man’s man; the type who loves football, spends his time at the pub, and eschews metrosexuality.

While blokey behavior has been associated with misogyny and hooliganism over the years, a new generation of fashion-forward males are endeavoring to bring the aesthetic back to the fore.

Blokecore is a style that’s become popular recently with Gen Z and Millennial TikTokers, mirroring the womenswear trend cycle with a distinctive 90s/00s feel.

However, where women’s fashion has focused on statement grunge-inspired pieces and standout rave gear, blokecore is all about looking as average as possible.

The aesthetic is set to be

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Why Men Are Going Crazy for Miu Miu, the Hottest Womenswear Line Around

MILAN, ITALY – JUNE 30: Models walk down the runway at Miu Miu show as part of Milan Menswear Week (Milano Collezioni Uomo) Spring/Summer 2006 on June 30, 2005 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Giuseppe Cacace/Getty Images)Giuseppe Cacace

Looking at Miu Miu men’s collections, it’s easy to see a resonance between what Mrs. Prada was doing in the mid-aughts and how men want to dress today. She might explore radically different themes from season to season—Tyrolean-core one year, hunky hikers the next. But the line’s easy formality, and an emphasis on ugly-chic accessories that would have blown up on Instagram had it existed at the time, feel deeply relevant to how men want to dress today. One of the most exciting aspects of the Miu Miu menswear tease at the fall show was imagining what a real Miu Miu-for-men collection would look like. Would Prada co-creative director Raf Simons,

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