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The stress to assemble a picture-perfect dinner is actually less intense on TikTok than on, say, the Food Network. But the quality of a recipe doesn’t matter as a lot on TikTok. Cooking videos have never been extra persuasive, extra Food & Cooking News inescapable, extra addictive, more entertaining. And they’ve never been a more powerful driver of well-liked tradition. Who or what, precisely, revived your grandmother’s afternoon snack?

  • Just call in sick, pick one of these dank AF recipes, and try to concentrate on making it via your hangover alive.
  • Little treats and reward tradition has been all over social media and the tendencies council forecasts, it’s here to stay.
  • Learn how to retailer bread, the way to revive it and how to use it in easy, intelligent recipes.
  • This is a fermented milk product that contains wholesome bacteria.
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