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From Jenny Morrison’s imagination fashion choice to Toto the first dog: 10 lighter election moments | Australian election 2022

A seismic shift occurred in Australian politics this weekend, with the Coalition government swept from power by the Labor opposition and a wave of independents and Greens MPs.

But it wasn’t all serious business. Here are a few of the lighter moments from the climax of the election campaign you might have missed.

Jenny Morrison’s imagination fashion choice

As Scott Morrison conceded defeat on Saturday night, his wife, Jenny, stood beside him at Liberal HQ wearing a striking pale blue – some even suspected teal – dress.

It was an awkward choice to say the least, with a tsunami of teal independent candidates unseating many moderate Liberals across Wentworth, Goldstein, Koyoong, Warringah, North Sydney and Mackellar.

But even more imagination was the choice of designer. The $929 item was called the “Celebration” dress and sold by fashion label Carla Zampatti. Carla Zampatti was the late mother of Allegra Spender –

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