From Jenny Morrison’s imagination fashion choice to Toto the first dog: 10 lighter election moments | Australian election 2022

A seismic shift occurred in Australian politics this weekend, with the Coalition government swept from power by the Labor opposition and a wave of independents and Greens MPs.

But it wasn’t all serious business. Here are a few of the lighter moments from the climax of the election campaign you might have missed.

Jenny Morrison’s imagination fashion choice

As Scott Morrison conceded defeat on Saturday night, his wife, Jenny, stood beside him at Liberal HQ wearing a striking pale blue – some even suspected teal – dress.

It was an awkward choice to say the least, with a tsunami of teal independent candidates unseating many moderate Liberals across Wentworth, Goldstein, Koyoong, Warringah, North Sydney and Mackellar.

But even more imagination was the choice of designer. The $929 item was called the “Celebration” dress and sold by fashion label Carla Zampatti. Carla Zampatti was the late mother of Allegra Spender – one of the many teal candidates whose victory saw Liberal MP Dave Sharma booted from his seat in Wentworth.

Making things even more awkward, Victorian Senator Jane Hume admitted on an election broadcast she had personally “boycotted [wearing] Carla Zampatti the entire campaign”.

Pauline Hanson could be a surprise casualty of this year’s federal election, with the final Queensland Senate seat sitting on a knife’s edge.

Running on an anti-vaccine mandate platform, Hanson’s party also failed to gain the momentum she’d hoped for in the lower house – with not one of her 151 candidates picking up a seat.

Earlier this week the unvaccinated politician attracted global attention after posting a bizarre announcement that she had contracted Covid-19. “I look forward to disappointing all of those who hope that I drop dead,” Hanson wrote.

Independent Allegra Spender said on Sunday morning she was yet to hear from Member for Wentworth Dave Sharma after her staggering victory against him.

And now it looks like the rest of us won’t be hearing much from him either as it appears he’s quietly deactivated his Twitter account …

Outgoing French foreign affairs minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has absolutely savaged Scott Morrison, claiming the prime minister’s defeat “suits” him “very well” after the scrapping of the $90bn submarine deal.

The minister delivered a stinging critique of Morrison’s behavior towards France, describing his actions as being “of a brutality, of a cynicism, and may I say a notorious incompetence”. Yikes.

Farewell Katherine Deves

Katherine Deves’ comments about transgender Australians have sparked a firestorm of criticism from moderate Liberal MPs and dominated headlines for months.

Despite suffering a substantial defeat against independent Zali Steggall, the Liberal candidate for Warringah has promised she is “not going anywhere”. But not everyone feels the same…

So looks like Kath Deves’ pronouns are/were

— Fourier Transgirl (@HowVeryEri) May 21, 2022

“When they thought I couldn’t withstand the storm…that I am the storm”

Deves avoided questions for weeks and immediately after losing goes on a panel show that showers her in false praise. Not exactly storm chasing.

— Ned Balme (@NedBalmeLives) May 22, 2022

The smiling Greens man

As Greens leader Adam Bandt spoke to ABC News last night, viewers couldn’t help noticing the volunteers in the background who looked as if they were supremely happy to be there.

Twitter users who switched over to Sky News’ election coverage last night were amused by the “grim” atmosphere as panellists announced Labor as the clear winner.

We’re not exactly sure who put the “sad face” TikTok filter on Paul Murray last night but what an absolute mood.

The broadcaster also attracted criticism for allowing billionaire Clive Palmer to make Trump-inspired baseless accusations of electoral fraud on national TV this morning. Zero stars.

Elements ofprising but still disappointing that Sky News broadcast Clive Palmer making unproven accusations of electoral fraud.

— dr cam wilson (monkey pox-ology phd) (@cameronwilson) May 22, 2022