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7 Times When Sonali Bendre Rewore Her Favorite Fashion Pieces And Restyled Her Timeless Wardrobe

Long gone are the days when people subscribed to the concept of one-time wear and never repeated their outfits at major events. Now that the focus is shifting towards sustainability, the fashionistas are practicing and promoting rewear, recycle and reuse. However, the celebrities, who have access to the most elite brands and designer coutures, are also not left behind when it comes to repeating their favorite looks.

Bollywood actress, Sonali Bendre is one such diva, who never fails to give fashion inspiration with her classic style and subtle experimentation with her wardrobe. She is often spotted revamping her style game and giving her favorite clothes another go. From wearing her casual outfits on repeat to rocking in her almost two-decade-old clothes, the actress has grabbed our attention with her ever-so-gorgeous looks. So, here’s a list of some of Sonali Bendre’s looks that she has repeated over the years as her

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