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Giinawind Co. showcases ribbon skirts designs in fashion show

Many models and designers dream of the glitz and glam of a Paris runway.

But an Indigenous-run art collective in Thunder Bay is bringing another dream to life, in the form of the cedar runway.

As Indigenous History Month kicked off last week, Giinawind Co. held a fashion show for their 13 Moons Exhibit. Thirteen First Nation designers were invited to create their own ribbon skirts, along with a few ribbon shirts, with each one representing a different phase of the moon.

Fawn Meshake is a cultural outreach worker at Giinawind, and said she got the idea during one of their weekly drum nights.

“I was sitting here listening to the drumming and I had a vision of the skirts hanging on the walls here because I always thought it’d be nice to fill it up with more artwork,” said Meshake.

“There’s so many skirt makers in Thunder Bay, there

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