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Blokecore: The men’s fashion trend throwing it back to Britpop’s heyday

Blokecore is essentially ‘dress like you’re a football hooligan from 1997, but make it fashion’ (Picture: Getty Images)

While you may call some men lads or boys, it takes a certain type to earn the moniker of ‘bloke’.

The colloquial term doesn’t have an exact definition, but it conjures images of a man’s man; the type who loves football, spends his time at the pub, and eschews metrosexuality.

While blokey behavior has been associated with misogyny and hooliganism over the years, a new generation of fashion-forward males are endeavoring to bring the aesthetic back to the fore.

Blokecore is a style that’s become popular recently with Gen Z and Millennial TikTokers, mirroring the womenswear trend cycle with a distinctive 90s/00s feel.

However, where women’s fashion has focused on statement grunge-inspired pieces and standout rave gear, blokecore is all about looking as average as possible.

The aesthetic is set to be

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