Gadgets, Groceries And… Designer Gowns: Your Amazon Basket Is About To Look Very Different

“Having world class luxury designers, such as Christopher Kane and Elie Saab, trust us with their brands and their creations is such great news for Amazon and for our customers,” says Diaz, who adds that more labels – both established and emerging – will be joining Luxury Stores at Amazon in the seasons to come.

Precious Lee also appears in the campaign, shot by Angelo Pennetta and styled by Charlotte Collet.

Angelo Pennetta

Collections are sold directly from the brands and designers, and decisions around inventory, selection and pricing are left up to the brand, says Amazon. Its tools and technology also allow brands to create personalized content, in order to bring their unique voice and identity to their Amazon presence. “Brands within Luxury Stores at Amazon are able to speak authentically about their collections to our customers, empowering customers to define luxury for themselves,” is how Xavier Flamand, VP of Amazon seller services, puts it. Shoppers will also be able to browse Mira Mikati, Rianna+Nina, Boglioli, Jonathan Cohen on Luxury Stores.

The shift is “great news for Amazon and customers”, according to VP Europe of Amazon Fashion, Ruth Diaz.

Angelo Pennetta

There has been much talk of the shift towards a “hyperphysical” approach to entity consumers back to retail (examples include Jacquemus’s playful bathroom-inspired pop-up at Selfridges, or the touchable pink faux fur backdrop Balenciaga created to display its Le Cagole in London ). But Amazon is banking on the speed and convenience of its service, plus the growing line-up of established fashion brands, adding up to an irresistible combination.