Fashion Tips for Women with Fat Body

Susan Moses is the designer and stylist for a number of well-known artists including Britney Spears to Queen Latifah. He said fashion determines how a person looks in public. It can look interesting, or it can be weird. In fact, according to him, body shape can be manipulated so that someone still looks attractive when wearing fashion. Including those who have a full body shape.

1. Use clothes that fit in the body Do not use clothes that are too tight, wear clothes that fit your body. So that it can make the body look slimmer without having to see fat folds here and there.

2. Wear Shapeqear shapewear that can make you look slimmer, a must-have, to disguise your appearance and cover body fat.

3. Do not wear leggings Leggings instead of pants. Leggings should be worn under clothing. Instead, use jeggings to make the appearance look thinner.

4. Wear a pencil skirt The most suitable pencil skirt for everyone. It lengthens your curves and gives your body a good balance.

5. The right shoes “Pay attention to the line of your shoes,” “Avoid straps around the ankles — they can make your legs look shorter. Heels can help you look taller and thinner.

6. Bring the right size bag. “You have to have a bag that is proportionate to your body,” she says. “Too small is not good! During the day I like a medium-sized structured tote bag. At night, if you can’t see the bag behind your hand, it’s too small.”

7. Customize your outfit. “A good tailor is every woman’s secret weapon. There is no substitute! Most department stores and boutiques also offer sewing services. Wearing clothes that fit and hang properly on your body can make the difference between terrible and great.”